Travel Thoughts

We prefer to define ourselves as travelers and not just tourists. But unfortunately, 90% of the information available is referred to the latter category. We go against the trend!

We want to gather everything we discover during our journey to help you be an alternative traveler during your explorations.

Sometimes it may be practical information and other times just our reflections and thoughts about certain countries.

Tropical sea and mountain in Thailand

Travel in Thailand: a quick and easy guide

Another guide about Thailand? Maybe, but it is always a good thing to read as many as possible, right? Thus, you will not be caught unprepared, especially if you feel like an extra-precise-person like us (and so you like to inform yourself thoroughly before taking any action!).

Why Thailand is NOT for everyone

Somehow we had to visit Thailand, we did not know exactly why. We had that feeling about something attracting us there and during the past months we got way too many signs from the Universe that pointed to Thailand.

singapore skyscapers

Singapore: a non-tourist guide

This city was not on our must-see list, but eventually, it has been a big surprise for us and we have been fascinated by Singapore. This is how also not-tourists can enjoy such a huge metropolis.

"Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it gets agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear." - Master Oogway


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