Artëm: how my past shaped the person I am today

Artem Papykin

In the process of telling things about ourselves, it may happen to digress saying useless information. I promise I try to avoid this inconvenience, even if I do not guarantee it!

If I would like to describe who am I, I should edit this article constantly! This is because my interests and hobbies change continuously. Moreover, the environment and people around have an influence which eventually could lead to a transformation. This is good, nothing is static in Nature, everything is in motion and constantly changing.

Well, I have already digressed: let's go back to the topic: I will tell you something about my past to make you understand a bit more what let me become the person who is writing these sentences right now.

My origins

I was born at the beginning of 1993 in the cozy town of Yalta (Crimea), situated on the Black Sea. It is a remarkable place: sea, forests, mountains, enough green Nature and plenty of carousels of any kind which I extremely loved as I child (maybe even now?). Even if this regions at that time was belonging to Ukraine, all the people there are Russian since ever. In fact, I do not even know the Ukrainian language. All my parents and relatives are originated from Yalta, too. There, I passed my first 10 years of childhood and then I moved to stay with my parents, in Milan, Italy. A significant change, don't you think? My parents moved there when I was 7-8 years old, and after a few years they came back to bring me with them, into a completely new world for me!

artem in 2008

In particular, it was my mother who initially decided to go in an unknown place where a completely foreign (to her) language was spoken, for a simple reason: improve her lifestyle and grow a family in an adequate way. A brave and strong decision, which is not for everyone. But it seemed that she already had the intuition that the human being can freely move if somewhere does not suit him/her. We are not trees. Moreover, our own life depends entirely on our actions, small or big, it does not matter.

Hence, she made this step into the unknown. She managed to successfully re-create her life in a foreign place, and I will always be grateful to her. Not because Yalta was a dump, not at all. Simply, thanks to this twist I increased the possibilities of experiencing more, gaining more knowledge and to better develop my life and my evolution. During those times, though, I was not aware of all this.

Like everyone else?

Thus, I lived in Italy until I was 25, and thousands of things happened there. Initially, I conformed myself to others, absorbing this new culture. I was a standard guy, I loved playing online video games and I was not too enthusiast about going to school. I even co-founded an online team in one game (Call of Duty 4), with which I had lots of fun for years.

Later on, when I was 15-17 years old, an odd sensation was arising inside me: slowly I was starting to see people around me too different with respect to me. It was tough finding a sincere friend, with whom I could talk not just about football and all-night-drunk-parties. It was not a matter of my Russian origins or for some sort of strange religion I was following. The reason was my vision of reality, my interests and my thoughts about life. For sure, I was not that asocial guy who does not speak to anyone. I have had my experiences common for that age, went out with my friends and stuff like that. But I just did not feel comfortable.

Going beyond

artem in 2011

Indeed, since I was a teenager, I started to deepen extra-scholastic topics, like documentaries about the geopolitical, financial, economic and social situation of the world (Zeitgeist) and paranormal activities.

I am a skeptic and agnostic person, who needs to reason and do his own research about any new subject matters. In addition to that, I consider myself extremely open-minded, so I could accept any new idea which has a reasonable and provable explanation. I do not reject something ex-ante, just because it goes in an opposite direction of my beliefs.

Someone with a different approach

A great incentive was given to me by a high-school professor who taught us Biology. He advised me to read Bruce Lipton's books, and from there I started to understand more and more about the influence of the mind on the body, how the mind processes the reality and how soul/mind/body are interconnected. I am still in contact with him and I am still grateful for all his teachings. With me, his uncommon approach was successful, because he managed to plant in me the seed of doubt and of personal research.

I started to analyze all the basic notions instilled in us since we are children, making them appear as the only truth ever possible. Even if our education system puts a lot of effort into teaching us things which are not strictly useful, just consuming our time and minds, I have always maintained an unstoppable desire to make new discoveries. Good thing!

Thirsting for knowledge

All this energy to increase my knowledge has led to use most of my days in reading at least one hundred books, watch endless hours of documentaries and videos about any topic which captured my attention. From life-after-death to quantum physics, from economic independence to personal development, from nutrition to ancient cure methods, passing through several ideas and facts considered as true, which in reality, if analyzed thoroughly, waver quite a lot. Every new concept I find is like a shock, it is like opening Pandora's box.

I perfectly remember when, in 2016, I thoroughly deepen nutrition, healthcare, food industry and health issues topics. Since then, many things have changed.

In the meanwhile, life was going on

Artem Papykin graduation master degree

In this vortex of information, I was not forgetting to be a normal student. I finished my high-school without many troubles and right after I did 5 years in University. Very quickly I got my Bachelor's degree in Administration and Organization's Sciences and later on, I graduated in the Master of Environmental and Food Economics.

As time was passing, I was putting into practice what I was understanding thanks to my own studies, the extra stuff I was learning by myself. This knowledge made my life much easier during those years. If I look back I realize that I have never failed an exam and I was not wasting too much time studying, in general, my life was fluent! In addition, the new parallel experiences like various part-time jobs, collaborations with unusual network marketing start-ups, meeting new clever people, etc. had a strong influence on me.

Observing with new eyes

Working on myself made me realize that all is in our minds: we are the sole creators of our limitations and fears! Previously I have been a shy normal teenager and then I became someone who knows his strength and who is willing to reach his goals in life!

Is at the moment when you start working and changing your inner self, as if by magic, that immediately the reality around you start changing, too. I have read about this, seen people telling it, showing it and demonstrating this "law", and finally, slowly I started experiencing it by myself. One thing is knowledge, a learned concept which floats in our minds without truly belonging to us. A completely different thing is the awareness or consciousness, when that knowledge is totally assimilated and understood at a deeper level, making a particular concept ours.

A life partner

Another event that shaped my life was when, during my first year in university, I met a girl. I am still together with her, sharing my life's journey (maybe on this website you might get an idea of who she could be?). Also, thanks to her, that I increased my self-confidence and I efficiently changed my life. Here you can find more information about us: Our Story

When a couple just works, one powers the other creating a consistent evolution vortex.

It all depends on me

Everything described above made me incredibly wishful of living, learning, discovering, experimenting and understanding myself and the world around me. Right now, my general view of life is that every one of us is here to learn, comprehend, improve and evolve making new experiences. But, no one has said that this process should be boring, tedious and painful. Life has to be lived following our deep consciousness, which knows better than our mind what makes us feel happy and satisfied. I know, it may sound superficial, but it is deeper than we think.

Therefore, now I am precisely on this path: I follow my interests, I live every day to its fullest and I try to stay in the present, in the here and now. My lifestyle and my values do not reflect the ones of a common person? That's fine, I learned to let it go, to let go every judgment and do exclusively what makes me feel alive, happy and fulfilled. Isn't all this what everyone would like to be?

I totally resonate with these words of Charlie Chaplin: 

Worry more about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are, your reputation is what others think of you. And what others think of you is their problem. - cit. Charlie Chaplin

What makes me thrill

At present time, my interests are hugely wide, here below there is a short list: minimalistic lifestyle, personal development, psychology, biology, soul-mind-body connections, society's influence on mankind, ecovillages, agriculture, tropical fruits, nutrition, health, Ayurveda, physical and psychological wellbeing, technology, IT, human's energetic structure (chakra), yoga, meditation, spirituality, esoterism, alternative energy sources, ancient techniques, economic independence... why all this?

What makes me happier than everything is knowing that I can be helpful to people. Life made me understand that the majority out there may need help to improve their lives, but just a few of them are disposed to be helped. And it is not possible to help someone who does not will to be helped. Hence, I focus my energy on those who open themselves to potential changes!

Already finished?

If you arrived reading here, congratulations! As usual, I digressed just a bit, and if I think that this is not even half of what I would like to tell, I get to the conclusion that sooner or later I will write a book!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. - William Ernest Henley