Namasté We are Artëm and Paola, two young souls both 25 years-old. We are together since February 2013 and it seems to us that we have already experienced 10 different relationships in one!

That's because these years have been full of changes, mostly in our inner-selves.

However, our strong bond, our maturity and our shared vision of what we desire from life, always permitted us to overcome all the difficulties and to become united, now more than ever.

Do we have choices?

We both studied at universities in Milan, brilliantly graduating in July 2017. Different degrees and interests have given us the opportunity to deepen several topics and to develop various competencies.

The university has surely given us a lot of theoretical knowledge and cross-capabilities, such as dealing with deadlines, comply with many rules and regulations and scheduling our days.

Nevertheless, we realized that our intention was not to adapt to the traditional way of living. We did not want to use our new shiny piece of paper just obtained, to live a static life with nowadays jobs.

Staying in office h9-18 constantly working for someone or dedicate all our energies to keep our firm-of-any-kind going, was an idea which did not suit us at all. We do not want that work stays as a priority in our life.

Simply, it should be a useful tool to obtain all the necessary things in order to spend our existence as we want it.

A new life

Thus, just after a week after graduation, we got the courage to jump into unknown paths, to improve our knowledge of ourselves and to learn to deal with real world.

Thanks to online websites such as WorkAway and HelpX, it has been straightforward finding volunteering projects of our interest.
Our first experiences lasted for 3 months, where we have lived in a middle-of-nowhere island of Ireland.

There we helped a family working on a project with their holiday farm. Ireland taught us to stand the strong wind and an extremely variable and adverse climate, to count sheep, to work with the soil and to adapt to have just a few comforts.

To recover from all this accumulated freezing cold, we thought about passing the European winter in Tenerife.

Here we have been collaborating with three different rural projects, for a total of about 3 months.

Tenerife taught us the importance of communication, to be able to make decisions quickly and to change our minds, to believe in our value and in our dreams and eventually to discover that in the world we are not the only ones who have a different concept of life.

Can't look back anymore

Passed all this, we felt not the same anymore. Many things changed: a spark has appeared inside us.

We finally understood that life totally belongs to ourselves. We can achieve any of our wishes. However, to do that, it is necessary to truly believe in it and to have faith in yourself and in the Universe. Now we have all that!

As we integrated this and other awarenesses, we felt the urge to have more freedom, which goes beyond basic volunteering and permit to us to live more spontaneously and independently.

For that reason, once back in Milan, we organized our new ideas and started to plan our next steps.

Hence, we brought this website to life, discovered in a better way our potential, our value and which is the best way we can use these!

Now we are ready to leave again, excited and determined. But this journey is different.

We are searching for a place to feel completely ourselves and in harmony, where to establish our life and build our personal piece of Eden. Along the way, we desire to offer our experience and our abilities to anyone who is curious to listen to us.

One thousand and one interests

All these transformations have brought us to think about nutrition, too.

For a few years, step after step, we eliminated the use of animal products, those which underwent to excessive industrial processing and substances like salt, sugar, oil, preservatives, sweeteners, colorants, additives, etc.

As a result, now we consume as much as possible ingredients which are simple, genuine, natural, whole and alive. And we love it :P

Nutrition is not the only topic which we studied.

Here there is a list of some of our interests for the moment: personal evolution and development, minimalism, spirituality, nature, nutrition and natural remedies, ancient medicine, new forms of energy, yoga, ecologism, psychology, biology, digital world, agriculture, self-sustainability, cooking recipes.

A real, truly, unique and definitive answer to a question like "Who are we?" we have not found, yet. Nevertheless, with this lines, we hope that you obtained the answer which is as close as possible!

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