Why have you decided to create "Smeyavos"?

This idea tickled our mind for a while during last months. We realized that telling about our experiences and sharing our thoughts make us feel alive and in the meanwhile can help other people!
For this reason, one day of January 2018, just awaken in our tent and still in the warm of our 4 layers of blankets (yes, also in Tenerife is cold during the night in the mountains), we decided to make it real. We noticed that thinking different and desiring to create our life exactly as we want is not so common, especially at our age.

We are not superheroes, we are just common people that started to increase our awareness. So, speaking of us, we would like to inspire and support all the ones that decide to take the same road.
"Smeyavos" is our way of doing that!

Why exactly this name?
Why have you chosen to go on with your lives in an "uncommon way"?
Which is the big dream that you are trying to realize?
Why travelling?
Why do you eat weird?
How can you afford to travel, and that much?
What does your family think about your transformation and your way of life?